Meet The Team – Wes

Wes Profile Alt

Hi there, We’re going to be doing a small series of staff profiles so you can get to know us better! To kick things off I’d like to introduce you to this chap called Wes!

Famous Quote:
‘Wes D’Kitchen?’

What’s your job role?
Account Manager

Favourite part of the job?
Spreading the WOW Factor

What are your Hobbies?
Football, Playstation, Winning – and I win, especially vs orange.

What’s your favourite food?
All Day Brunch

Your Favourite drink?
Leffe Ruby!

Your Favourite film?
A goofy movie

Favourite Artist?
Flo Rida is cool, I like him.

Android or iPhone?
Stupid question, iPhone.

Favourite office moment?
From what I can remember, the Christmas party 🙂

Orange or Blue?

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